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What is Suwa Sahana service Suwa Sahana is a specially designed home medicine delivery service to those who are taking regular medicine. We understand how troublesome it is to go to the pharmacy every month to get your regular medicine. Most of the time it is not possible to get everything from the same place and you will have to shop around to fulfill your prescription. This not only wastes your time but also puts yourself and your family at risk especially during the pandemic situation Suwa Sahana is the perfect solution for this. Once you register for this service we will regularly follow you up and deliver your medicine on time every month.

This  service is operated by a Franchise Osu Sala and every prescription is issued by a qualified pharmacist. Doctor advice is also taken when required.

You can arrange this service for your self or you can set up the service for your parents or loved ones to make sure they get their regular medicine on time without risking themselves.

You can pay in advance with credit card, debit card, bank transfers or pay cash on delivery.

Every month we will send you the cost of the prescription before processing so you can approve or disapprove

You can cancel the subscription at anytime you wish to

How it works

  1. Register to our service – Simply give us a call to 0772781331 or  fil the contact form below
  2. Upload you prescription to our website or whatsapp to +9477281331
  3. We will send you a quotation
  4. If you agree we will send the medication to your home
  5. You can pay online or pay cash on delivery
  6. We will keep tract of your medicine requirement and contact you when your medicines need to be refilled.
  7. This process is continued until you cancel our service