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If you are looking to buy a wheelchair in Sri Lanka, You have come to the perfect place. We have a range of high-quality well-reputed wheelchairs which can match your individual budget.

There are a few things that you should consider buying a wheelchair. Price is probably the number one. Sometimes the price can be deceiving. most wheelchair sellers in Sri Lanka add a Massive delivery charge (up to Rs 2550 ) to the wheelchair increasing the final cost by about 15%. Our wheelchairs are very reasonably priced and we charge minimal delivery charge So best price deal is guaranteed from us.
User weight and seat size is the next important thing. Make sure that the user’s weight falls below the maximum weight indicated by the manufacturer. Also, don’t forget to check the height of the backrest and the armrest.

There are different types of wheelchairs. Self-propelled or electric wheelchairs can be more convenient but very expensive. Also, they can be bulky and may not be suitable for small spaces. Manual wheelchairs are relatively inexpensive and might need an assistant to push.

Commode wheelchairs are more convenient to the caretakers as they reduce the number of times a patient needs to move in and out of the wheelchair

Foldable wheelchairs are easy to store and transport.

For a wide range of wheelchairs and mobility products, you can check out our mobility shop


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