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Buying medicines online from us is super easy. However to buy certain drugs you need to have a valid prescription from a doctor. This does not change whether you buy these drugs online or in-store. These are called prescription medicines. As a reputed online pharmacy managed by a franchise Osusala we give priority to your safety and government regulations

Other medications are called over-the-counter drugs and you can buy these drugs online without prescriptions. apart from these most Ayurvedic medications, nutritional products, beauty care products, and medical devices can be bought online without uploading a prescription

WHY US is your best option if you are looking for an online pharmacy in Sri Lanka. We have more than 30 years of experience in the retail and wholesale pharmaceutical industry and are trusted by thousands of fellow citizens. The online medicine delivery arm is handled by our group of experts.We worked in hand in hand with a reputed SPC franchise osusala, So the best quality and price are assured.

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Buying medicine online is not similar to buying anything else.  So reliability is the most important thing. Our team of professionals consists of Doctors, Government employed nurses, Qualified pharmacists, and a team of experienced pharmacy assistants. So you can be sure that you get the best  service


We know how important is your health to you and your loved ones. So every prescription is checked by a qualified pharmacist before dispatch and delivered to your doorstep.

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Quality is our first priority. After you make an order we regularly keep in touch with you.

Frequently asked quections is managed by franchise Osusala piliyandala. we have more than 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry and all the prescriptions are checked by a qualified pharmacist. is not just a online pharmacy. we have a well established in store pharmacy which is located in no 3 main street ,piliyandala, Sri lanka. All the medicines and devices available in online will be available to buy instore.

We take utmost care when dealing with medicines. Safety is our first priority. Due to this reason we do not accept returns once dispatched./p>

this are medicines that you need a doctors prescription to buy. To get these medicines online you need to upload a valid prescription to our website or whatsapp the prescription.

OTC or over the counter drugs are medicines that you can buy without a prescription. You can buy these online directly from . and we will deliver it to your door step.